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  • The "Midnight Swirl Elegance" earrings pair mesmerizing spiral metal discs with deep blue beads, capturing the mystique of a starry night sky in a graceful, sophisticated design.The combination evokes an elegant and timeless aesthetic, perfect for both day and night wear.


    Her story

    Faridah Amer from Kabul loves to create beautiful things with her hands, whether it's delicious food or stunning jewelry like these "Midnight Swirl Elegance." With each sale, Faridah supports her family, sharing a bit of luck and her talent with the world through the Sister Project.


    Supporting the artisans of Sister Project

    Our jewellery creates a source of income for the talented women of Sister Project. Over a cup of coffee and lots of conversation, these pieces of jewellery have been handcrafted for your pleasure. Your support not only enhances your style but also helps these women thrive and succeed. Together, we can make a difference, one stunning piece of jewellery at a time.

    Midnight Swirl Elegance

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