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  • The "Midnight Lumina Drops" earrings present a harmonious blend of texture and shine. At the top, a ribbed, metallic bead catches the light, evoking the image of a radiant full moon against a nocturnal sky. Below, a polished dark bead hangs with a subtle gleam, providing a serene contrast. Together, they form a simple yet captivating design, offering a versatile accessory that can transition effortlessly from daytime grace to evening elegance.


    Her story

    Sarah from Al Dwani, Iraq, finds joy in crafting jewelry and dreams of travel. Despite a painful back condition, she's determined to keep creating and connecting with the world. Through the Sister Project, each piece she sells brings her closer to healing and exploration, weaving her love for conversation and art into a journey of resilience and hope.


    Supporting the artisans of Sister Project

    Our jewelry creates a source of income for the talented women of Sister Project. Over a cup of coffee and lots of conversation, these pieces of jewelry have been handcrafted for your pleasure. Your support not only enhances your style but also helps these women thrive and succeed. Together, we can make a difference, one stunning piece of jewelry at a time.

    Midnight Lumina Drops

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